Accommodation Rules

These rules of accommodation are developed on the basis of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, according to the Law of the Russian Federation "About consumer protection" of 07.02.1992 No.2300-1, the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation "About the approval of Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation" of 09.10.2015 No.1085 and govern the relations in the field of granting a complex of services in ensuring temporary residence in hotel.

Guests can study Accommodation Rules:

• in the informational folder on a front desk;

• in the informational folder in the hotel room;

• on the official website of the hotel.

            Guests can study the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation "About the approval of Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation" of 09.10.2015 No.1085 in the information folder at the hotel reception.

The hotel is intended for temporary residence of citizens for a period agreed with the hotel administration. At the end of the agreed period, the Resident must vacate the room. If it is necessary to extend the period of stay, you should inform the hotel administrator not later than 2 hours before the check-out time - 12 o'clock in the afternoon (12 a.m.) local time. If there are vacant rooms, the Administrator will extend the period of stay.

The hotel's “Liga” operating mode is 24-hour.

The place of rendering of services: 191040, St. Petersburg, Ligovsky Prospekt, 63.

The payment for accommodation and services in hotel is carried out at the free (contractual) prices and charged according to uniform check-out time.

Check-in time is from 14:00 o'clock local time.

Chek-out time is 12:00 o’clock local time.

Early check-in - 50% of the room rate per night is paid.

Late check-out - before 18:00 - 50% of the room rate per night is paid.

Late check-out - after 18:00 - 100% of the room rate per night is paid.

At accommodation of less than 24 hours, the fee is charged per night, regardless of the time of arrival and departure.

In case of untimely refusal of booking (less than 24 hours), delay or not arrival of the guest the payment for the actual idle time of the room at a rate of its cost is raised per night from the guest or  from the customer. At delay more than for 24 hours booking is cancelled.

Accommodation of children of any age is allowed.

For accommodation of children aged up to 3 years at the family accommodation without providing extra bed or with providing a cot - no fee will be charged.

Accommodation of children older than 3 years without providing extra bed - no fee will be charged.

At accommodation of all children older than 3 years or adults on extra beds the additional fee is charged.

Maximum quantity of extra beds in a room is 1.

Extra beds and baby cots are available on request.

Pets are not allowed.

Payment for hotel services can be made in cash, by bank card (VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card Electronic, Maestro) or by bank transfer according to the price list valid on the date of arrival. All payments are made in Russian rubles.

            The hotel room is provided upon presentation of an identity document, as well as other documents required for the registration of a citizen under the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Such documents are:

• for a citizen of the Russian Federation - passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or an international passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation (for the person who is constantly living outside the Russian Federation);

• for a foreign citizen - passport of a foreign citizen, visa (if necessary), migration card;

• for a person without citizenship - a document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as a document certifying the identity of a person without citizenship (passport of the person without citizenship), a temporary residence permit for a person without citizenship or a residence permit for a person without citizenship;

• for citizens who have not reached the age of 14 years - a birth certificate, identity documents of  parents (adoptive parents, guardians) or accompanying close relatives with a document certifying their authority.

            The designation of a foreign citizen and persons without citizenship to register at the place of stay in the hotel and their removal from the register is carried out in accordance with the Rules for the Implementation of Migration Accounting of Foreign Citizens and Persons without Citizenship in the Russian Federation.

            When registering a residence, the hotel administrator registers the guest and gives a key providing access to the room for the paid period of residence. The basis for issuing the key from the room is the full payment of the room, as well as a completed guest registration card with the dates of residence and certified by the guest's signature. The cash receipt is issued to the guest immediately after payment.

            In case of refusal from payment by the guest of the hotel room the administrator of accommodation service has the right to refuse to accommodate.

The administration of hotel has the right to refuse to accommodate persons in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication At aggressive behavior of the guest the personnel of hotel reserves the right to call the police to resolve disputes and to comply with the rules and standards of behavior in public zones.

In case of temporary departure from hotel the guest who did not declare it to administration of hotel and did not pay beforehand absence time loses the right for accommodation and is a subject to eviction. The room is considered to be used by the guest provided that his personal belongings in the room are found and is payable.

The hotel administration makes hotel reservations. The Administration accepts reservation requests from legal entities and individuals in writing through postal, electronic communication, as well as through direct contact with the reception service.

            When booking, accommodating or with a free accommodation, the guest chooses the category of the room. The right to choose a specific room belonging to this category remains with the hotel administration.

The priority right to accommodation in the hotel "Liga" is obtained by persons with a confirmed room reservation. All other guests accommodate as the common turn.

Guests of the hotel “Liga” are obliged to:

• take care of the property and equipment of the hotel;

• maintain cleanliness and orderliness;

• respect moral ethical standards, to abstain from excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks and obscene expressions in public zones of hotel;

• compensate extrajudicially for damage caused in the event of loss, damage of the hotel property;

• when the guest causes damage to the hotel, in addition to damages in accordance with the price list of the hotel's property, the guest is obliged to compensate for losses related to the idling of the room during repairs, replacement of furniture, appliances, etc.;

• follow rules of fire safety;

• the guest is fully responsible for the people invited to the room during the stay;

• when leaving the room - close water taps, windows, turn off the lights, TV, electrical appliances, put valuables in the safe, close the room and hand over the key;

• inform the hotel administrator about your departure to check the room. In case of departure without notice, the guest agrees with the closure of the residence account and additional expenses with his credit card without personal presence;

• inspect the provided room within 15 minutes from the moment of check-in and report on the identified breakdowns and shortcomings. After 15 minutes the room is considered to be accepted for living.

            In hotel “Liga” it is forbidden:

• smoking throughout the territory, incl. rooms (in accordance with Federal Law No. 15-FZ of 23.02.13). In case of violation of this obligation, the hotel administration reserves the right to appeal to the law enforcement authorities to bring the resident to administrative responsibility for smoking in unauthorized places. The administration reserves the right to demand from the above-mentioned resident compensation for additional special cleaning of the room - prolonged airing, use of scent absorbers, washing curtains, curtains, textiles in the amount of 5 000 (five thousand) rubles;

• intruding upon leisure living from 23:00 till 8:00;

• leaving in the room unauthorized persons, as well as passing them the key to the room;

• keeping bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, caustic, poisonous, narcotic substances and other dangerous items;

• drinking alcoholic beverages in public zones of the hotel;

• using the electric boiler and electric stove;

• it is possible to rearrange furniture in the room only with the consent of the administrator on duty;

• keeping animals, birds, insects and other fauna.

The hotel administration is not liable in case of force majeure, as a result of which hotel guests found themselves without power supply, water supply, water consumption. At the same time, the hotel administration is obliged to take measures to provide electricity and water consumption to guests whenever possible.

The hotel administration is not responsible for the presence of children in public zones.

The hotel administration reserves the right to visit the room without the consent of the guest in case of technical problems in the room, smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case the guest violates the present order of residence, public order, the use of household appliances.

In case of violation by the Guest of these rules, the administration of hotel may make a remark to the violator for restitution of rest of other Guests. If the Guest repeatedly violates internal rules of hotel accommodation and does not react to requirements of administration and/or law enforcement officers that leads to loss of property or causes inconveniences for accommodation of other visitors, the hotel has the right to refuse rendering of services to the Guest and to evict him from the room without compensation of cost of the paid services.

The hotel has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of hotel services unilaterally or refuse to extend the stay in case of violation by the guest of the order of residence, untimely payment for hotel services, causing the guest material damage.

The hotel administration is obliged to:

• provide the quests with paid services timely, qualitatively and fully;

• inform the guests about the services provided and additional hotel services, the form and order of their fees;

• ensure full compliance of the hotel's services with sanitary and epidemiological standards and regulations;

• ensure the privacy of information about the hotel guests;

• respond in a timely manner to guests' requests, taking measures to eliminate accidents and breakdowns in hotel rooms;

• in the case of discovering forgotten things by guests, notify the owner of things. The hotel stores the forgotten things within 3 months from the moment of departure of the guest, after which forgotten things are declared abandoned (abandoned by the owner for the purpose of giving up ownership of them), and the hotel may dispose of them at its discretion. Products, medicines and other perishable things are not subject to storage and are destroyed by the hotel within 24 hours from the moment of departure of the guest;

• provide upon the guest's first request a "Complaints & Compliments" journal;

• in case of complaints from the consumer, the administration takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict, as provided by law.

In cases not provided by these rules, administration and the consumer are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

These rules may be amended and modified.

If the Guest agrees with these rules and registers it in the hotel “Liga”, the hotel services contract is deemed to be made.


Enjoy your rest!

Sincerely yours, Hotel “Liga” Administration